Feb 5 / Rob

JMUSB Pod: Season Previews With Coach LaPorte and Coach Klaes-Bawcombe

We went off brand and decided to record a podcast that would actually be worth listening to. And we have to say, we’re pretty pleased we did. On this episode we were joined by Coach LaPorte to talk about the upcoming season and also by Coach Klaes-Bawcombe to talk about the defending National Champion lax team. Give it a listen. we think you’ll enjoy it.

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Feb 4 / Rob

Holy Crap the Dukes Won a Game

If you’re not paying attention to men’s hoops (and all indications are that most of you are not), the Dukes got off the schneid with a win down in Wilmington. JMU eclipsed the century mark and managed to beat UNCW by the score of 104-95. The story of the game was the Dukes’ free throw shooting. JMU knocked down 30 of its 33 attempts from the stripe. That’s good. Here are a few quick numbers from the game.


That’s the number of minutes JMU’s top bench players played. Develle Phillips, Zach Jacobs, and Greg Jones each earned 9 minutes off the bench. Matt Urbach got 6 minutes of run. All of this is to say that Rowe continued to rely heavily on his starters. Four of the five JMU starters played 35 minutes or more. That’s a lot. And it’s indicative of how Rowe has relied on his core guys to log a lot of minutes. Whether or not it has anything to do with the frequent late game collapses is up for debate. The guys got it done this game.


The number of combined turnovers by Matt Lewis and Stuckey Mosley. This, as much as the hot shooting, had a lot to do with the win. Mosley and Lewis are both talented players, but have struggled to take care of the ball at times this season. They had no such issues against the Seahawks. Both guys have the ball in their hands a lot, so it was encouraging to see them not cough it up. The Dukes have a chance to maybe rattle off a few wins with upcoming games against weaker CAA teams. Limiting the turnovers will improve their odds dramatically.


The combined CAA winning percentage of the Dukes’ next 3 opponents, Towson, Drexel, and Delaware. Now, that collective number is still better than JMU’s woeful .273 mark. However, it’s about as good as things get for JMU relatively speaking. Under Rowe this year, JMU has 10 wins. Two of them were against non-D1 competition though. The Dukes have never managed more than 10 wins in an entire season in the Rowe era. They’ve got 7 games to go and at least a puncher’s chance to end this year on a high note and maybe carry some momentum into the CAA tourney. I wouldn’t bet the house on them doing so, but you never know.


Jan 30 / Rob

สล็อตสูตรJMUSB Pod: Only the Piping Hottest JMU Takes


Bad weather means potentially bad commutes, so we’ve got a new episode of the pod for you to listen to. In it, we offer up some of our hottest takes for the world of JMU sports and JMU at large. And we also completely embraced our middle-agedness when we talk about the worst things about being in your 40s in our OT segment. Give it a listen.

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Jan 27 / Todd

Jimmy MF’n Moreland Shows Out!

Thank you to the GOAT!

So everyone’s favorite player ever, Jimmy F’in Moreland, has been putting on a smoke show the last two weeks at the Shrine and Senior Bowls. At this point, we have to wonder if he’s even played his way into an NFL Combine invitation. Yesterday in the Senior Bowl – the big dog of draft prospect games – Jimmy showed he was ready for any level of competition. As JMU’s first ever player to participate in Senior Bowl, we were both thrilled and nervous. Why were ever nervous?! Just like he did throughout his Dukes career, Jimmy showed up! The highlight of the game was a huge hit on the goal line that was nearly a safety but for forward progress. It was also the only time he was really thrown at, though he moved well in a zone scheme on the other goal line and appeared to take away the opponent’s primary read on another play. Moreland also stuck his nose in and made a few more tackles on bigger backs. All in all, we didn’t see anything that would chill his rising stock in any way. Now we just need to get Rob some kickbacks for inventing arguably the greatest nickname in Dukes history!

In other news, while we warned you not to watch the men’s team flail on a ?four-game weekend in the Convo, Coach O’s women’s squad took Elon out behind the woodshed Sunday in historic fashion. The women led 48-8 at the half and cruised to a not-even-as-close-as-the-score-indicated 82-30 victory over defending CAA champ Elon. The 8 points in a half were the fewest ever scored at the Convo. The nation’s leader in scoring defense showed why this team is not to be trifled with.

Finally, on a personal note, please join me in thanking Rob for carrying the writing here during an odd few months for me – Dukes First. Dukes Last. Dukes Always. I’ll try and pick up the slack now and thanks to all of you who are still here for our tenth year here at JMUSB!

Jan 24 / Rob

JMU Blown Out by Hofstra in the Convo

The Dukes played hosts to Hofstra on Thursday evening. It was a match-up feating the CAA’s top team, and a JMU team that will need to do work to avoid playing in a Pillow Fight Friday game in the CAA tourney. Maybe we’re insane, but we actually thought there was a chance JMU would win this one. Not because of any sort of advantage the Dukes had, but more due to the fact that it seemed like one of those things they due to tease us. We were wrong. Very wrong. Hofstra won going way by the score of 85 to 68. It could have been worse.

Justin Wright-Foreman lead the way for the Pride/Dutchmen, with 23 points despite taking only 11 field goals. He’s good. Eli Pemberton chipped in 20. Overall, Hofstra shot 52% from the field and 45% from long range. Good shooting for sure. Less than stellar defense from the Dukes too though. Stuckey Mosley paced the Dukes with 19 points and was one of four Dukes in double-figures. Here are three quick numbers that stood out from the game.


That’s the number of minutes played by senior forward Develle Phillips. Look, we know he’s not Luka Doncic, but he’s a scrappy player who can be an X factor some nights. He’s got the type of game that could have disrupted an efficient, high scoring team like Hofstra. He can rebound, finish put backs, and play aggressive defense. If nothing else, he’d give JMU 5 more fouls to give. And shooting free throws was about the only thing Hofstra didn’t do well tonight. Phillips wasn’t going to win this game on his own, or any game for that matter. But he could have at least made himself a nuisance (in a good way) and completely ruined Hofstra’s flow. We have no clue what goes on behind the scenes, but nothing he’s done on the court merits him being glued to the bench. He’s inconsistent. That makes him just like every one of his teammates.


That’s Hofstra’s points per possession for the game. Wowzers. That’s really good. For the sake of comparison, Gonzaga is the most efficient team in the country and the Zags average 1.209 points per possession. Hofstra was 5th at 1.148 heading into the game, so they’re no slouches, But still, the JMU defense wasn’t even much of a speed bump this game. Hofstra scored in the half court game, scored off turnovers, and scored on second chance buckets. The Dukes were lucky Hofstra had an uncharacteristically off night from the line, or the final score would have been much worse. The Pride made only 69% of their attempts from the line. That’s a good thing, because they were able to get to the line with ease, attempting 29 free throws on just 54 FG attempts. That’s what happens when a team attacks the basket. On the other hand, when a team sits back and settles for shots, they rarely get to the stripe. Just like JMU did with 15 free throws on 59 FGs. Ugh.


That’s the number of games in a row Hofstra had won coming into this contest. The streak is now 15 (because math). Hofstra is a good team. Perhaps a very good team. That’s not an excuse for the Dukes. JMU could have, and should have been able to be more competitive. But this game was a shining example of how far JMU has to go to catch up to the real contenders in the CAA. JMU has more talent on this squad, than many past JMU teams. But Hofstra had better players, playing a better team game. The Dukes can’t count on shooting lights out like they did against CofC if they really want to beat the top CAA teams. There’s work to do. A lot of it.

Jan 23 / Rob

JMUSB Pod: JFM to the Senior Bowl & Hoops Talk


After a brief break for some travel, we’re back with another edition of the JMUSB pod. In this episode we discuss Jimmy Effin Moreland’s rising draft prospects and then dive into some hoops chat. And, well, honestly I’m not sure we really made much sense in our attempt to be fair to Lou Rowe. In fact, our complete inability to take a side in the Rowe debate might be an example of how apathetic the entire JMU basketball fanbase (what’s left of it) has become. We really hope Lou Rowe turns things around and succeeds. It ain’t looking good though.

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Jan 16 / Rob

Meanwhile Down at Shrine Grime Practice

His JMU football career might be over (sob), but it looks like Jimmy Effin Moreland is busy doing Jimmy things. Moreland is participating in the 94th edition of the East West Shrine Game in St. Petersburg, Florida on January 19. The game is the longest running college all star game in the country and it brings together top players to showcase their skills for NFL scouts. It also raises money to support child patients at Shriners Hospitals and gives the players an opportunity to visit and interact with some of the kids who’ll benefit.

It’s a great opportunity for Jimmy to have a little fun and get some visibility to potentially kick off an NFL career. Last year, 70 players who participated in the game landed a spot on an NFL roster. In fact, 77 Shrine Bowl participants have gone on to Hall of Fame careers, including guys like Brett Favre, Walter Payton, Dick Butkus, and Tom Brady. To no JMU fan’s surprise, Jimmy was already turning heads on day one of practice. He picked off two passes, including the one featured above. Some NFL team is gonna give him a shot and reap the rewards.

You can watch Jimmy do his thing. The game will be broadcast on the NFL Network at 3:00 PM on Saturday, January 19.

Jan 16 / jmusport

If JMU Basketball Tightens Up a Bit, They Can Get a #4 CAA Seed.

After a great weekend of basketball, there is a lot of talk about the Dukes season and where they will go from here.

We can find more historical information on Colonial Athletic Association tournament wins and odds at the powerhouse online betting site Bookmaker. Make sure to check out a review of the site if your looking to place some action on the Dukes.

The Bad News

We’ll get the bad news out of the way first. The James Madison Dukes are not even listed on any of the NCAAB futures odds boards to win the ‘March Madness’ Tournament. Of course, we don’t expect JMU to take down the nation’s best this season, but this means that top oddsmakers and pundits are about 100% sure that the Dukes won’t get a tournament bid.
read more…

Jan 13 / Rob

It Was a Great Weekend for JMU Hoops

The JMU men’s basketball team appeared to be hitting rock bottom after a brutal loss to a struggling UNCW squad that had lost six straight. The fans who hadn’t yet abandoned the squad, were reaching the point of maximum frustration. And then what happened? The Dukes put together one of their most impressive CAA victories of the Lou Rowe era, knocking off a talented College of Charleston team 69-58 that came into the matchup having won its previous ten games. Of course. It was a terrific win, but was it a dead cat bounce or a sign of the Dukes turning the corner?

Well, we still don’t know, but JMU followed the CofC game with a come from behind win over Towson. Make no mistake, Towson is not a top CAA team. They’re more the type of team that JMU cannot afford to lose to if they expect to take another step forward this year under Rowe. Thankfully, the Dukes got it done. But it wasn’t easy. The Dukes were down double digits at one point, before battling back for the 74-65 win. Stuckey Mosley had an uncharacteristic off shooting day, knocking down only one of eight attempts to finish with five points. Matt Lewis and Darius Banks picked up the slack though, finishing with 24 and 22 points respectively. And after not seeing the floor much the past few games, Zach Jacobs made the most of his 24 minutes by blocking a game high six shots. The difference really was free throw shooting though. JMU made 24 of 28, while Towson only took 13 from the stripe, hitting seven.

JMU still has a disturbing habit of playing down to the level of the competition against weaker CAA teams. And they still are plagued by moments where they just stop doing much of anything. They overcame a slow start and some mistakes to escape with the W though. There’s a lot of basketball left to play, but a home loss against a 5 win Towson team would have been pretty devastating. JMU already has a bad loss against last place Elon and really needs to beat the bottom half the of the league and hold serve at home. There still is a way to go with this squad, but winning the games their supposed to win, is a positive sign.

And the JMU women’s team? Yeah, it was a pretty good weekend for the ladies also. The Dukes faced their toughest test of the young CAA season, welcoming a 12 win Northeastern team to the Convo. It had all the makings of a close game between two very talented team. It was not. JMU took the Huskies behind the woodshed and won 84-49. That’s a 35 point win if you do the math. It was borderline obscene. Kamiah Smalls scored in double-digits, because of course she did. She scored 21 in what was her 17th straight game with more than 10 points. But Lexie Barrier was the story, as she dropped a season high 24 points. Overall, JMU shot 53% from the field (and 56% from three point range!), while holding Northeastern to only 29.6% from the floor. That’s filthy. Watch out, because Coach O’s team is starting to round into form.

Jan 10 / Rob

JMUSB Pod: All Hoops, All the Time


We’re back with our first pod of 2019. And as we noted yesterday, JMUSB will celebrate its 10 year anniversary this year, so the show is the unofficial kick off of the year long celebration. Or something like that. In any case, we’re pretty sure that this is the first JMUSB podcast in history in which we don’t discuss football at all. Because it’s hoops season. And we have a lot to say (or attempt to figure out?) about Lou Rowe’s team. Give it a listen please

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